Although a lightly clipped ear is the internationally recognized sign that a stray cat has been sterilized by a professional vet not all cats on Kythira that have been neutered have a clipped ear.


I changed the vet that I work with and he will not clip ears because he says it's animal abuse (and I have to say that I agree with him) I do however know all the cats that have been done so this will not give them any problems. 


The female cats at the feeding stations are almost all neutered and they are looked after by me at least twice a week, they however have all the food and water they need available to them.


You can help the cats on Kythira by supporting "your" cat on the island or by making a donation for all the cats on Kythira


€150,- a year will feed a cat and €60,- will neuter and vaccinate a cat